Fasting Book Bundle

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This bundle set includes two books: A Complete Guide to Biblical Fasting, and The 21-Day Fast Field Guide, written as a companion. Save $5 when you purchase the books as a set. 



In the Bible, fasting was used to break strongholds, gain access to God’s favor, acquire divine protection, receive supernatural direction, experience incredible church growth, prepare believers for effective ministry, and more.


Fasting and prayer are powerful tools that provoke God’s interaction in our lives. Though the discipline of biblical fasting has been around for thousands of years, it’s rarely taught today.


As the title suggests, this book is a complete guide to the subject of fasting. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, this book will help you develop your dedication to God.

You’ll learn:

• How fasting positions you to receive God’s favor.
• The unknown danger of the “Daniel Fast.”
• How to release God’s power through fasting.
• Newly-discovered health benefits of fasting.
• How to receive direction from the Lord.
• Why the Apostle Paul didn’t write about fasting.
• Four crucial appetites that must be addressed.
• Answers to frequently asked questions.
• Plus, 100 prayer points and Scripture references included!

Written as a companion to A Complete Guide to Biblical Fasting, each day of The 21-Day Fast Field Guide contains a Bible reading plan, devotional teaching to motivate you, and prayer points to keep you focused along the way!