Why Are Christians Sick? (4 Message USB)

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If God is so good, why do His children suffer? 

On this 4 Message USB, Ted Shuttlesworth Jr tackles this often asked question by covering four specific areas found in God's Word. 

GOD'S MEDICINE. Did you know that God has a prescription from Heaven that will always impart health and strength to your body? This message will show you how to receive it. 

THE POWER OF PRAYER AND FASTING. Accessing God's power through these powerful tools opens up benefits that many Christians have never experienced. 

POWER OVER EVIL SPIRITS. Many people Jesus healed were sick because of an evil spirit that was harassing them. Learn how to dominate a spirit of infirmity that was sent to destroy you. 

HOW TO MINISTER HEALING. Every believer is not only promised healing, but expected to minister healing to others. This excerpt from Miracle Word University will teach you how to accomplish your purpose.