The Generation That Will See Jesus (3 MP3s)

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Bible Prophecy doesn't have to be confusing. Did you know that the Bible was approximately 27% prophecy when it was written? God didn't give us the Bible to confuse us, rather to give us answers.

In this 3-part series, Ted Shuttlesworth Jr. breaks down the signs of the End Times and shows you just how close we are to the Rapture. Messages include:

• The Laser Accuracy of Bible Prophecy - Not only is the Bible without error, it's prophecies are ultra-specific and laser accurate. You will be amazed at the precision with which the prophets presented Christ as Messiah. 

• 5 Inventions That Signal the Rapture is Near - We are living in a time like never before in history. The stage is set for Christ to return at any moment. You'll see how an antichrist system is already being prepared through technology.

• Decoding the 7 Prophetic Feasts of Israel - God has developed His own Prophetic Agenda. He has used it throughout history to carry out important events. This message will help you decode the secret meaning behind the 7 feasts of Israel and how they predict future prophetic events!

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