Blood on the Door: The Protective Power of Covenant

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Something changed in America after 9/11. Nine days later, during a televised address to a joint session of congress, President Bush declared that America was now engaged in a war on terror.
    How do you fight against a feeling? Since then, it seems that feeling has intensified in America and around the world.
    Whether it’s 9/11, viral outbreaks of disease, the economic downturn of 2008, breaking news about groups like al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, and ISIS, school shootings, natural disasters that seem to be escalating around the world, or attacks like we saw in Paris and Brussels, the hearts of people seem to be filled with terror.
    The more I saw this around our nation and other nations, I felt a burden from the Lord to write this book. Should Christians be worried as the days grow darker before the coming of the Lord? Is there hope and protection for God’s people?
    I believe there is.
    This book will guide you through the Word of God and reveal how to access the protective power of “the shadow of the Almighty”

Praise for Blood on the Door

"Ted Shuttlesworth Jr. has reached back to a foundation stone that has been pushed aside and, in some cases, forgotten. He not only reminds us of the relevance of the blood of Jesus; he reveals its everlasting power! This is not just a must-read book—it is a foundation stone.”
—Rick Thomas, bishop, Abundant Life Church, Margate, FL; author of Significant Seed Perpetual Harvest and Capturing the Mind of God

“In Blood on the Door, Ted Shuttlesworth Jr. gives us truths that, considering the hour in which we live, are vital for every believer. The blood cleanses, washes, purifies, delivers, empowers, equips, and protects. The Church needs to know the power that’s available to them in and through the blood of Christ.”
—Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne, pastor, The River Church, Tampa, FL; author of Seeing Jesus as He Really Is and The Touch of God

"Ted’s writing brings a new perspective to the timeless illustrations found in the Word of God. This book abounds with truth for a fresh impartation and is truly inspired by the Holy Spirit.”
—Steven McCartt, pastor, Family Worship Center, Florence, SC

"Ted's joyful yet deeply spiritual style will inspire your faith and empower you to triumph in every area of your Christian walk.”
—Joel Stockstill, director, Bethany Influence, Dallas, TX; author of Faith that Endures and Power of Daily Bible Reading

"Full of revelation and truth, Blood on the Door beautifully illuminates the power of the blood of Christ, what His blood has purchased for every child of God, how it is to be applied, and how to walk in this covenant every day.”
—Alan Mushegan, pastor, Full Turn Church, Hiram, GA; author of On Purpose and Heir of Power